Winning Over Your Girlfriend’s Latin Family

Get on your knees and pray.

When a lot of European powers spread and colonized large parts of the world, a historical shorthand for their three primary motivations was developed: God, glory, and gold. Spain was not cut from a different cloth than the rest of its colonial contemporaries.

Get her dad to like you.

In many Latin American cultures, the man of the house is the head of the table. The patriarch. The boss. The person whose word is akin to law.

Win over her mom.

Her dad isn’t the only parent you’ve got to win over. You’ve got to get her mom to like you. The dad may be the head of the table, but the mom is sitting at the other end directly across from him. Her opinion is going to carry a lot of weight.

Speak a little bit of Spanish.

If you’re fluent in Spanish, great. Bust it out and use it liberally. If you’re not already fluent, then you need to learn some as fast as you possibly can. You don’t have to become fluent, but knowing her family’s native tongue is going to go a long way towards ingratiating yourself to them.

Elder care

In a lot of Latin American countries, it’s not unusual to have a multigenerational household. You may find that it’s not just her parents that are living in the house, but her grandparents as well. Be nice to them because that makes you look like a stand-up guy.

If all else fails, feed everyone.

If everything you’ve done so far falls short of winning over your girlfriend’s family, then you’re going to have to go ahead and feed them. Take everyone to a nice restaurant, ply them with food and drink, and pick up the table at the end of the night.



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