Mexican National and Cultural Symbols

Mexican Flag

Flags or similar forms have been used as a society’s insignia or symbol throughout history. These flags or banners were either plain or decorated with a variety of embellishments, many of which depicted cultural and military symbolism.

Coat of Arms

The formation of Tenochtitlan, Mexico’s historic capital, inspired the country’s coat of arms. The nomadic clan was traveling through the land, looking for a divine sign to guide them where they should build their city, according to Aztec legend.

Mexican Festivals

Festivals are celebrations of heritage and religious commemoration. Some of these also celebrate significant historical events that helped shape Mexico as it is today.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is well-known all around the world. In 2011, there were around 38,000 Mexican restaurants in the United States of America alone.

Contemporary Mexican Society

Because of its rich history and influences from many various cultures and faiths, Mexico’s symbolism is diverse. Some of these are official symbols recognized by the Mexican government while others are culturally accepted symbols that characterize the cultures and traditions of Mexico.



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