Maintaining Passionate Love with Latina Women

Adrianna Dela Torre
2 min readSep 11, 2020


Falling in love is great, but staying in love is even better.

Plenty of guys all over the world figure out how to get a Latina to fall in love with you. They understand how to do that and find themselves in relationships with Latina women. There are more than a few reasons that they pursue such relationships.

Sometimes, guys admire famous Latina actresses and want to find someone who looks like them. Other times, they have certain traits that they find desirable and such women who meet these traits just happen to be Latina. Whatever the case, these men find themselves in love and in a loving relationship with these women.

But the thing about a committed and monogamous relationship is that it takes a lot of time. In boxing, going the distance means finishing all rounds of the match. In a relationship, going the distance is a little more nebulous because there is not a set end point to a relationship.

A bell is not going to ring after twelve rounds and there won’t be any judges giving out scorecards as to who wins or loses. The end of a relationship is one wherein the couple remains together indefinitely until one of them dies. That’s what going the distance is in a relationship.

Because of how much time is involved in a relationship, some people can stumble. After such time has passed and probably a bit of discovery, some people find themselves wishing that they weren’t in the relationship. They may not hate their partner, but they may find themselves feeling the need to scratch an itch.

Now, the seven year itch is not altogether unheard of and it can be perfectly natural. Sometimes, love can become too familiar and can become a little stifling. However, dating a Latina can be fun and can also be sustainable. But to keep the spark alive, here are some things you can do:

  1. Alone Time
  2. Fun with Friends
  3. Talk Things Out
  4. Stay Healthy
  5. Do Things Differently



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