How to Win Over a Peruvian Family

Participate in as many family activities as you can.

Peruvians often have family gatherings, especially on Sundays. In fact, their families often live under one roof or the same street. It’s easier for them to have get-togethers that way.

Eat whatever is given to you.

Ever heard of the stereotype of Latina women (a mom or an auntie, perhaps) handing you dish after dish at a party? It’s no joke — they are immensely generous when handing out food.

Always be thankful when someone helps you.

Peruvians like to be acknowledged for the things that they do. You don’t have to outright say thanks. A simple smile is more than enough to get your point across.

Be engaging in conversations.

Conversations are an absolute must when in a family gathering. You have to make the effort to introduce yourself without sounding like an absolute braggart.

Offer to help with errands.

Large family gatherings would need as many pairs of hands. Extending a hand will be much appreciated by anyone in the family.

Acknowledge every family member you are introduced to.

It can be confusing to tell who is who when you’re being introduced to so many people at once. You might even find yourself being greeted by a familiar face who you can’t seem to remember the name of.

Final Tip: Have fun!

Peruvian family gatherings are a great time to unwind and mingle with the family.



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Adrianna Dela Torre

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