How to Win Over a Peruvian Family

Adrianna Dela Torre
5 min readOct 3, 2021

So you plan on visiting this lovely Peruvian girl you’ve been seeing for quite a while now. You have everything prepared for your trip — your necessities, your plane ticket, as well as your lodging.

Now you have one problem left to figure out: how to introduce yourself to her parents.

For couples who are fairly new, being introduced to your significant other’s parents can be nerve-wracking. You simply never know if you are up to their standards or whatnot. One wrong move and you might fall from their good graces!

For Peruvian women, their family serves as their strongest support system. These ladies have been heavily reliant on their families for everything — love, emotional support, finances, and even their daily living.

A Peruvian family’s word is the law. The moment her family tells her to call it quits, she’ll call it quits. They don’t want their beloved daughter to end up with someone who doesn’t treat her well. It’s only given that they want the best for her.

Hence, it’s critical that you present yourself in the best way possible.

You can’t win them over with just words alone. You have to prove it through action. You have to show them that you have what it takes to be their daughter’s future husband.

You’ll most probably find yourself invited over to their family gathering and you’ll probably feel like a sore thumb. If you want to be able to get along with your Latina partner’s family, here are a few things you ought to know about:

Participate in as many family activities as you can.

Peruvians often have family gatherings, especially on Sundays. In fact, their families often live under one roof or the same street. It’s easier for them to have get-togethers that way.

To add, Peruvian women often spend time with their female siblings or cousins. They are quite tight-knit and hold very special places in a Peruvian woman’s heart.

But you wouldn’t know that unless you actively participate in family parties.

You have to be able to show a willingness to join in her family’s circle. Whenever you get invited to a family occasion, take up the offer. It might not be an “easy-fix” type of solution, but it’s a good place to start.

Eat whatever is given to you.

Ever heard of the stereotype of Latina women (a mom or an auntie, perhaps) handing you dish after dish at a party? It’s no joke — they are immensely generous when handing out food.

Peruvians have huge appetites, and it’s mainly because their parents feed them well. When your partner’s mom is giving you a plate of food, you take it. If she treats you as if you were one of her own, that basically means she likes you.

Besides, Peruvian moms love expressing how much they care through actions. You may be scolded from time to time, but they mean well.

Don’t take it the wrong way though. It might seem like they’re shouting at you, but they aren’t. They’re just loud and it’s a pretty casual occurrence in Latin households.

Always be thankful when someone helps you.

Peruvians like to be acknowledged for the things that they do. You don’t have to outright say thanks. A simple smile is more than enough to get your point across.

A lack of response or emotion will only make them think that you don’t appreciate their kind gesture. That’ll only make you less approachable to them, and that’s the total opposite of what you want to be.

So whenever someone helps you out, always be genuinely thankful. Your Peruvian partner will surely appreciate your kind response.

Be engaging in conversations.

Conversations are an absolute must when in a family gathering. You have to make the effort to introduce yourself without sounding like an absolute braggart.

Peruvians bond over humor, and sometimes their kind of humor would include mocking each other. Don’t be surprised if you are introduced to someone named “Calvo” or “pequeño” — it’s more likely a childhood name that family members lovingly use.

Offer to help with errands.

Large family gatherings would need as many pairs of hands. Extending a hand will be much appreciated by anyone in the family.

Most Latinas would often deny your offer to help, but it never hurts to offer a helping hand. Besides, this is the quickest way to get into a Peruvian family’s good graces.

Your partner’s family will get the impression that you are reliable in times of need, and that you’d make a good husband.

Don’t extend a hand to be polite — your offer to help has to come from the bottom of your heart. If you’re not interested in helping, you don’t have to force yourself. But, it would help in giving a good impression to your partner’s family.

Acknowledge every family member you are introduced to.

It can be confusing to tell who is who when you’re being introduced to so many people at once. You might even find yourself being greeted by a familiar face who you can’t seem to remember the name of.

Don’t worry — even Peruvians have a hard time identifying one family member from another. A firm handshake and a kiss on the cheek will usually do the trick. They are least likely to linger in chat, at least you don’t have to be quaking in your boots wondering what their names are.

As time goes on and more family gatherings abound, you’ll eventually be able to put a name to their faces.

Final Tip: Have fun!

Peruvian family gatherings are a great time to unwind and mingle with the family.

You were invited over by your Peruvian girlfriend, not just to be introduced, but to have fun as well. What’s important is that you enjoy the company and get along with as many people as you can.

If you are the right person for your Peruvian girlfriend, it’ll be easy to win her family’s approval. You simply have to be genuine and be yourself.

So take the time to unwind. Down a swig of beer and dig in! Your partner will be much happier seeing you enjoying yourself.



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