Following Up a Successful First Date with a Latina

How Soon After a First Date Should You Text?

There are tons of varying rules on the internet that will tell you to text her within a certain timeframe, such as the three-day rule, forty-eight-hour rule, and the twenty-four-hour rule.

Text Messages to Send After a Great First Date

You’ve finally decided it’s okay to make contact with her. But wait, you ask yourself “What should I text after a first date?”

  • “Have you gotten home safely?”
  • “Good morning, beautiful. Do you want to have brunch with me?”
  • “Last night was great. We should do it again sometime soon!”
  • “Just wanted to say hello and see how you’re doing.”
  • “You mentioned *insert restaurant* had the best *insert Latin food*. Do you want to check it out this Friday?”
  • “Want to hang out this weekend? We could watch *insert movie title here*. You mentioned *insert actor/actress here* is your favorite actor/actress.”

Starting a Conversation

You’ve sent the first message and she replied. However, the text you received from her doesn’t warrant a reply, though you still want to continue talking to her.

  • Ask random questions.
  • Pick up on a conversation you had on your date.
  • Discuss the possibility of having a second date.
  • Plan your second date.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While you may have hit it off from the start, it’s not a guarantee that it will stay that way forever.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

If, somehow, it didn’t work out between you, you can still go out there and meet other Latinas. Don’t let one failed attempt at dating ruin your chances of finding genuine love and connection.



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Adrianna Dela Torre

Adrianna Dela Torre

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