Do Marriages Last Longer with Costa Rican Women?

For Costa Rican Women, marriage is more than just a commitment. | Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels

A Faithful Costa Rican Bride

Because Costa Rican girls are rarely into hookups and short-term relationships, they do not easily go head over heels on men especially if these men are only showing love on the surface. But, once they stumble upon someone worthy of their love, you can expect that they will stick to that one man ad-infinitum.

Costa Ricans have Strong Family Values

Aside from their seemingly ethereal beauty, women from San José are also known for their intelligence and wit. However, despite being able to adapt easily to modern trends, they still put family values and traditions at the top of their ploy. Ticas would never mind putting their personal visions or goals aside if it compromises their family values.

Catholic Influence in Costa Rica

Men who have found love in Costa Rica readily attest to their experiences. Being raised in a Catholic environment, one of their goals in life is to be in a monogamous marriage. Your union with a Tica is guaranteed to have a solid foundation because sticking into one partner is one important value they were taught while growing up.

Women in Costa Rica are Born Nurturers

Many believe a man’s stomach leads directly to his heart. If this is the case, then a Costa Rican woman will win your heart time after time with their excellence in cooking. Costa Rica is one famous country for having a bounty of tasty dishes.

Costa Ricans Have a Playful Personalities

They are seen as strong women who hold their heads up without ifs and buts in any situation, but they are also capable of being playful and silly. All marriages can benefit from a level of playfulness and spice. In fact, it is the one aspect that makes it become hearty. They may be able to engage in serious debates but they are also more than capable of doing fun stuff that will surely make you smile your heart out.

Marrying a Costa Rican Woman is Worth the Pursuit

The process of meeting and getting to know a Costa Rican woman more may not be the easiest thing to do for any man. The pursuit may either be rewarding or destructive in a sense that failing could have an immense impact on your positive self-image.



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