Creative Ways to Avoid Arguments with Latinas

Adrianna Dela Torre
5 min readJun 30, 2021


Relationship experts have time and time again stressed that disagreements in relationships are inevitable. However, disagreements that turn into arguments coupled with fits of rage are not necessarily healthy or ideal.

That brings us to the question, how do you avoid arguments with your partner?

If you’re tired of going through the fight and make up cycle with your Latina girlfriend, this article might be of help to you.

We’ve collated five creative ways you can effectively deal with an argumentative girlfriend.

As science suggests, you need to help her produce the four primary chemicals that will put her in a good mood — dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

Having said that, we’re here to suggest these distraction techniques and fun activities that can help you turn her anger, stress, and frustrations into something positive and productive.

Simply put, you need to drive out her happy hormones so she’ll become less combative.

However, before diving in, here’s a quick disclaimer: This won’t guarantee you’ll never fight again, it will only lessen the chances of it. But that’s still better than nothing at all, right?

Moving on, here’s what we suggest that you try doing:

Turn to Destructive Therapy

When counting one to a hundred, breathing in and out, and meditating don’t work anymore, it might be time to turn to another alternative way to channel your aggression.

Find a place where you can both smash plates and scream until your lungs give in — such as rage rooms and scream clubs.

It’s a place where you can wreak havoc without having to feel bad about destroying something or having to clean up afterward. It’s a place where you can go to smash stuff to pieces to purge yourself of unwanted stress, frustration, or anger.

Although studies have found that using this form of therapy is not entirely effective at getting rid of pent-up anger and rage, it does make you feel immediately better afterward.

In other words, it’s merely a temporary fix, but it still serves its purpose.

Now that the tension inside has been released, you can move on to calmly addressing your issues without the unnecessary hostility.

Get Physical, Work Out Together

If you and your girlfriend feel like destroying things is too violent, you could always opt for exercise. It basically provides the same benefits, minus the violence.

According to Healthline, regular exercise is quite effective in reducing and relieving stress, anger, and frustration. It also helps lessen your chances of developing heart disease.

More importantly, it keeps you fit and sexy. If you think about it, the benefits seem endless. Doesn’t that sound great?

What are you waiting for? Sign yourselves up for a gym membership plan.

Don’t like going to the gym? Well, that’s fine. There are tons of other alternatives to get you fit and active.

Have regular walks in the park together, ride a bike, join running marathons, go hiking, or join a Zumba or aerobics class. Anything that can help you pump your oxygen levels is good.

Remember to do it together to help strengthen your bond.

Schedule Fun Activities Together

You’ve probably figured it out by now, the goal is to tire her out so she won’t have the energy to stir an argument with you. It’s stealthy, genius, and effective.

To continue on with the facade, try and schedule things you can do as a couple. It could be weekly dinner dates or just random activities you can do together. To give you a few ideas, why not:

  • Go on a mini-vacation.
  • Go camping.
  • Go clubbing.
  • Have game nights.
  • Go shopping.
  • Have a spa day.
  • Try gardening.

Whatever you decide on doing, make sure you and your partner are interested in doing it. Otherwise, it won’t be as fun and engaging.

Try Expressive Art Therapy

Randomly play her favorite salsa music and watch her stop mid-argument. To add to the charm, take her hand and start dancing with her in your living room space. She can’t resist dancing and Latin music, she is a Latina after all.

You’re probably asking, what does this have to do with therapy?

Well, it’s a form of therapy.

It can either fall into music or dance therapy under expressive art therapy.

According to numerous therapists, music and dance as therapy work since sound waves and the physical activity you get from it increases special neurotransmitter substances in the brain — a.k.a endorphins, a feel-good chemical.

Science says it helps a person relax and ultimately shifts their mood from bad to good. Instead of acting warlike, she’ll be dumbfounded and ready to dance with you when you play her favorite tune.

Then again, we can’t vouch for its 100% effectiveness. What works for some might not necessarily work for others. With that being said, proceed with this suggestion with caution.

Have Weekly Talks and Reflections

Without a doubt, the most effective way to deal with disagreements in relationships is to talk it out with each other. You need to calmly figure out what the issue is and tackle it head-on. There’s no other way to do it. You can’t avoid it forever.

If possible, try and establish a communication plan between you. Schedule weekly talks where you let one another know how each of you feels. Some call it “life update.” It’s healthy to have in a relationship.

Here are some general points to consider when talking it out with your partner:

  • It’s okay to disagree. Some issues can’t be resolved and that’s okay. It’s best to just drop it and move on.
  • Learn when to compromise. Though easier said than done, you need to find a middle ground where there is no winner or loser in the situation.
  • Take your time to apologize. When all is said and done, end an argument with an apology. Grudges have no place in a happy and thriving relationship.

Lastly, remind yourself why you’re in love with this woman. It helps to think that she’s worth every argument.

Love and Communication

To tell you the truth, it’s difficult to avoid arguments in relationships.

From time to time, it will surface, and the best you can do is just deal with it with calmness and forbearance so as to not risk blowing it out of proportion.

You just need to remind yourself that most arguments come from a place of care, worry, and love. It’s not out of hate or spite. If it was, you would long have parted ways.

Instead of dreading a Latina’s fury, be thankful because it means she cares for you.



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