Are Modern Latina Women STILL Interested in Being Traditional Wives?

Patriarchal family structure

One of the most enduring concepts in a traditional family structure is the man sitting at the head of the table with his family on either side of him. Sometimes his wife will be at the opposite end across from him and other times, she’ll be directly at his side. The important thing is that the man is at the head of the table because he’s the one putting food on it.

A family orientation

There’s a growing trend for couples to either put off getting married or getting married but put off having children. Some people are aware of the environmental cost of raising a child. Sometimes they’re wary of the monetary cost. Other times, couples simply don’t feel like they need to have children in order to be complete families.

Marriage is high encouraged

In a lot of countries in Latin America the average age of a woman when she gets married is under 25 — countries like Peru (23.5) and Colombia (22.3). This is because women are highly encouraged to get married. That’s noticeably younger than the United States (28) or Canada (29.6).

Chivalry is alive and well

There are certain traits that men are expected to embody. They’re supposed to be tough and strong. But that’s not all they’re supposed to be. They’re also supposed to be gentlemen. They’re supposed to be chivalrous.

Payment processing

In a lot of developed countries, the concept of going Dutch has — where both people split the bill — gained popularity. Women work and earn their own money and sometimes they earn more money than their male partners. Some women also just want to treat their partners because they love them. There are also relationships where traditional gender roles do not apply. So going Dutch has gained quite a bit of steam.



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Adrianna Dela Torre

Adrianna Dela Torre

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